General Questions

Yes for now you will still be instructed on what to post, and how to post it. We are working on phase 2 of this company which will entail handling all social media platforms for you, along with providing customer service.

Yes that is the only way for us to fully maximize your companies growth. With your logins we will use some of our automated features to interact with each and every personal that follows you helping turn them into customers.

We have a fully customized dashboard that gives you every analytic you could think of. You will be able to track who is following you, and how they are interacting with you. This will help you see what kind of followers you have, as well as your target market.

Yes if you’re loving the success so far, and want to take things to the next level then of course you’re able to upgrade mid contract. We will set up a meeting with your company and discuss the best ways for you to upgrade.